Spacepac Industries  has introduced an improved range of commercial waste bins.

The OP range 4 wheel mega bins are built for better strength and durability.

Otto designed waste bins integrate numerous improvements to benefit users with safer and easier operation at lower operational costs.

The OP range 4 wheel mega bins available from Spacepac Industries can be easily towed using a Spacepac Electrodrive tug or Spacepac Jumbo tow motor.

The OP range 4 wheel mega bins are currently in used in manufacturing companies, warehouses, building sites, universities, councils and shopping centres.

Manufactured from heavy duty polyester, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins have loading capacity from 660L to 1100L.

As a protection against the harsh Australia weather, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins are UV coated.

Reinforced base together with wheel housing and reinforced comb constructions adds to its useful life. Lesser wear and tear also means a longer useful life.

Instead of the traditional round lids, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins are now available with flat lids.

As part of the Otto design, flat lids are made flexible to resist maximum strain and less susceptible to wind and rain.

Besides the flexible lids, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins have a stronger, redesigned body, and reinforced base construction.

Spacepac Industries has received positive feedback from current users on the better emptying characteristics.

Still others recommended it for its reinforced and protected hinge arrangement which is able to withstand the lids being opened and closed many times a day.

Cleaning and maintenance can never be any easier with the improved and repositioned drain plug. Furthermore, the smooth surface adds to the ease of cleaning.

For manoeuvrability, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins are all designed with four safe and ergonomic handles. These refuse or recycling bin can be easily towed around via Spacepac Industries universal towing device. New and improved brake system prevents unnecessary movements.

Spacepac Industries stresses that OP range 4 wheel mega bin is ready for the future. Apart from being EN 840 certified and made with improved health and safety characteristics, the OP range 4 wheel mega bins can be used with recycling apertures for specific recycled materials.

Several colours (blue, green, grey, brown, others) are available for easy identification of different recycled material or general waste.