How often do we walk into a building without noticing the entrance mat? The type of mat installed in entrances to public buildings varies according to the type of traffic, the use of the building, the environment in which the building is situated and many other factors. Traffic frequency can vary from hundreds to many thousands of feet a day. Abrasive dirt may be walked in, and wet weather may cause slippery surfaces and an increase in falling incidents. The heavier the traffic, the better the quality of entrance mat needed.

The team at Spacepac Industries has introduced a range of slip resistant entrance mats for high to medium traffic entrances. They can be used in any entrance that takes a real beating from very heavy traffic, like shopping centres, office buildings, shops and stores, malls, hospitals, hotels, schools, restaurants, fast food outlets and even rest rooms.

Spacepac’s regular Kleensorb entrance matting is 8mm thick, while their Diamond Design Kleensorb matting is 9mm. Both mats are fully edged on all four sides to prevent trips and falls. Furthermore, they have moulded nibs in the backing to prevent carpet face from flattening and to reinforce the mat fibres. The cleated under layer controls mat movement, providing slip resistance, and the heavy-weight 24oz polypropylene carpet face is bonded to nitrile rubber backing. The rubber containment borders hold moisture in the mat, keeping the surrounding area dry and clean. The regular design is available in several widths (0.9m, 1.2m, 1.8m) whereas the diamond design mat is 1.8m.

The economical bi-level 8mm thick Brush Rib mat is made from a hard wearing heavy gauge polypropylene. It has a vinyl backing for slip resistance, and edging to prevent cracking. The mat is edged on all four sides, keeping it flat on the ground, controlling tripping and providing a slip resistant surface. The Brush Rib entrance mat has a raised profile for wiping dirt off shoes. It can be easily cleaned by hosing down and is available in 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m widths.

The 9mm thick Chevron has herringbone-pattern ribs that brush dirt from shoes, so they cannot soil other surface. It can be easily cleaned by shaking, vacuuming, or washing with a hose. The matting material then dries in an hour or so. Similar to the Brush Rib mat, the Chevron is fully edged on all sides and has a heavy duty pure vinyl base for long life. This design is excellent for slip resistance in prestige entrances. It is available in 0.9m, 1.2m and 1.8m widths.

The Wayfarer slip resistant entrance matting, suitable for medium traffic, has a durable vinyl loop surface that is permanently bonded to a solid sheet vinyl back. The 10mm thick mat is able to remove dirt and moisture from shoes by trapping it beneath the mat surface. It also dries quickly and resists mildew in high moisture areas. Despite this matting being unedged, the textured, cushion surface creates slip resistance, whilst the solid back and borders keep the mat in place.

All entrance mats from Spacepac can be purchased as a roll or cut to length for perfect fit.