The Protectoseal Type I Safety Storage Cans, supplied by Spacepac Industries are built from rugged heavy-gauge Ziacote. This lead-free coated steel maintains outstanding corrosion resistance, hence ensuring safety in storage and transport of flammable materials.

The spring-operated, self-closing cap automatically opens to allow expanding vapours to escape and relieve excess pressure within the can. These Protectoseal cans have locking flash arresters that prevent ignition of vapours within the containers due to external flames.

On the other hand, the safety storage cans are electrically welded and have lap-joined seams to prevent leaks and provide maximum strength. The safety cans are leak-resistance because of their gasket sprout caps.

Designed with a double-wall shock rim and raised bottom, the sides and bottom of the cans can be strengthened and protected against damage, leading to a longer useful life.

All these safety storage cans have ‘shock-guard’ carrying handles that shield the dispensing lever. This is a good preventive measure for accidental release of the flammables. Furthermore, spillage can be avoided with the ergonomically-designed handles and linkages. These handles allow one hand operation and easy pouring.

Most of these Type I Safety Cans are available in ‘flammable red’, ‘kerosene blue’, and ‘diesel yellow’. The capacity of the storage cans ranged from 8L to 19L.

In addition to the basic features of the Protectoseal series, the Protectoseal Plus series have a perforated-metal flash arrester that provides 33% faster filling rate. The drip free lip design and leak resistant leather gasket in spout cap make this series of round/ oval storage cans more attractive.

Also available from Spacepac, both the Protectoseal Series and Protectoseal Plus Series Type I Safety Cans have custom funnels to assist users in dispensing into small openings. Funnel attachments are either made from rugged Ziacote steel or durable polyethylene. The steel funnels have spring clip for quick and easy attachment to the safety cans. The flexible metal hose facilitates dispensing into small openings. On the other hand, the corrosion resistant polyethylene funnels are designed to snap on or snap off easily, providing a snug and rigid attachment.