Besides fixed bollards and a wide range of removable bollards, Spacepac Industries also supplies retractable bollards. Retractable bollards are specially designed for medium security applications such as traffic and parking control.

The bollard is an economical, cost effective and safe delineation system designed especially for motorways and pedestrian control.

Retractable Bollards can be mounted near enough to each other that they block ordinary cars, for instance, but wide enough to permit special-purpose vehicles through. Bollards can be used to enclose car-free zones while allowing access for service and emergency vehicles.

The bollard has a trouble free design together with only 2 moving parts. To further increase the convenience of its usage, there is no loose post to store. The bollard itself rises, lowers and rotates through 180 degrees for locking.

Retractable bollards function on a unique internal locking mechanism with T handle key, it is able to lock in both up and down positions. Internal locking system cannot be tampered with or fouled by dirt or water.

Security bollards have a strong circular design 90mm diameter with 5mm wall made from mild steel. Its’ in-ground casting is 140mm with 5mm wall also made from mild steel. The steel bollards are finished with a safety yellow powder coat while the in-ground casting is hot dip galvanised.

Spacepac’s retractable round bollards stand 900mm above ground and securely fitted 1150mm below ground. For installation, some excavation and concrete footing are necessary.

Where high security locking is required (e.g. car yards), Spacepac suggests the use of their Cam-lok removable bollards so as to be in line with insurance companies’ policy.