The Raptor Drum Load/ Unloader from Spacepac Industries reduces the hassle and risk of managing oily and greasy drums.

The drum trolley provides an economical solution for easy mobilisation of oil storing drums to where it is needed.

Using the Raptor Drum Load/ Unloader can greatly reduce the risk of spillage while increasing efficiency. This is of great importance especially in work areas, where special fluids are transported.

This Raptor Drum Load/ Unloader from Spacepac Industries is an economical method of taking steel drums on and off standard pallets as it easily glides over pallet to quickly load or unload 115 or 210 L drums.

The Raptor Drum Load/ Unloader is a drum handling tool that grabs drums with deep sealed lids from a standard pallet with a drum claw grab, raises the drums up and redistributes them throughout the facility.

Besides, the drum load/ unloader also removes drums from the corner of containment skids. The highly manoeuvrable unit is built on 2 poly wheels and 2 poly castors, thus enhancing movement.

The monstrous drum lifter DTF450 has a lifting capacity of up to 450kg for 210L drums. Each drum can be lifted 500mm from ground and lifting per stroke is 11.6mm.