Rapid Plas Water Tanks, offered by Australian-owned Spacepac Industries , store up to 27,000L of water. These Slimline water tanks have a storage capacity of up to 3000L. These rainwater storage tanks are ideally made for domestic, rural and industrial applications. They are capable of withstanding the harsh Australian sun. 

All Rapid Plas Rainwater Tanks are designed to comply with Australian Standards in an Australian environment. They are manufactured from food-grade polyethylene, compliant with government AS 2070:1999 (food contact use), AS 4020:2005 (drinking water use) and AS 4766:2006 (chemicals storage) policies. 

Features of Rapid Plas Water Tanks:

  •   Conform to Australian Standards
  •   UV stabilised polyethylene
  •   Made from food-grade materials that allows for taste and odour- free drinking water
  •   One-piece construction for long term structural strength
  •   Slimline for space restricted areas

Rapid Plas Rainwater Tanks are ideal for capturing run-off rainwater and are solutions for droughts and tight water restrictions. They can be connected to supply water for toilets, washing machines, gardens and lawns to save on water bills. 

Slimline water tanks can be installed into almost any location and are designed to suit homeowners with a stylish and attractive finish.

Benefits of Rapid Plas Water Tanks:

  • Free water usage during droughts and water restrictions  
  • Can be connected to toilet or washing water  
  • Do not rust or corrode  
  • Impact resistant and long lasting   
  • Slimline for style and aesthetically pleasing design

Specifications of Rapid Plas Water Tanks:

  •   Slimline capacity: 500L to 3,000L
  •   Small tank capacity: 500L to 5,100L
  •   Large tank capacity: 7,000L to 27,000L
  •   Available in 24 different colours to match surroundings
  •   20 year warranty