The TTX Mobile Truck Access Platforms, available from Spacepac Industries , is a portable versatile solution for tank truck access and provides good fall prevention while increasing productivity.

The TTX access platform has a smaller cage unit on top and a smaller base - it is used only for tank truck access.

Like the TC6 and TC8 access platforms, the TTX Mobile Truck Access Platform also provides protection and security with a safety cage system on top and has a heavy duty base unit.

Both the ladder and access platform are constructed from aluminium with a galvanised steel constructed base. For added security, the walk surface on base and platform are made slip resistant.

TTX Mobile Truck Access Platform is ideal to be used for high level sampling, loading, inspection, unloading, venting and also connecting hoses, as suggested by Spacepac Industries.

The mobile truck access platform has been designed to be used on vehicles like the tank trucks, hopper cars and petroleum trucks.

Differentiating features of the TTX Mobile Truck Access Platforms include the following:

  • Ideal wheel design allows for a tighter turning radius and easier manoeuvring, simplifying spotting
  • Slip-resistant platform provides a self-cleaning, slip-resistant surface for improved safety
  • Can be used on a wide range of vehicles
  • Can be modified to meet your requirements
  • 227kg load capacity
  • Hand winch allows for easy raising and lowering of platform
  • Levelling jacks on outriggers provide a more secure base
  • Platform has heavy rubber bumpers on contact surface to protect vehicles from damage
  • Unit has no self supporting and must rest on a vehicle