Among the variety of light to medium weight material handling trolleys and carts at Spacepac Industries is the P-Series Lift Trolleys.

Telelift 100kg capacity manual lift

This telelift is a cost effective portable lifting aid. The lift trolley enables one person to move up to 100kg from ground level to 1200mm safely and without strain.

It is especially designed for loading, unloading and transporting televisions, computer screens or any porous - flat surface such as windscreens, glass panels, microwaves, washing machines, coffee machines, poker machines, etc.

Special features of this P-series lift trolley include the use of the latest suction pad technology and the noiseless reverse braking winch to lower the television/screen to the most convenient and safe position for transport.

The swivel mechanism enables access through corridors, halls and door ways by rotating the television/screen through 90 degrees.

No damage to floor or covering will occur due to the soft inflatable wheels. Concurrently rougher terrains, ascending and descending stairs are a breeze due to the large sized wheels.

Additional Suction Cup which will enable the lifting of larger screens can also be obtained from Spacepac Industries.

Porta Lift - 100kg capacity manual lift

Another manual lifter offered by Spacepac is the Porta lift. It is also a cost effective portable lifting aid which enable solo lifting up to 100kg from ground level to 1000mm.

It can be used for loading and unloading of work vans, trucks, shelves, benches or anywhere with a traditional bend and lift requirement. The Porta lift can also be used to carry and load gas bottles as well if a ratchet strap is attached. The toe plate for loads is approximately 400W x 550L mm.

The Porta lift-trolley functions on a unique reverse braking system, allowing the load to stop at any position without having to lock or unlock pins or ratchets. The lifter is designed for silent operation with a noiseless winch.

With optional Fork Tynes, this lift trolley can be converted into a versatile manual fork lift by removing the platform.