Spacepac Industries  offers a wide range of vehicle and parking products including road spikes.  

Road spikes are one-way access spikes consisting of a 1000mm or 500mm heavy duty steel module and steel end caps. Each module has independently retracting teeth.  

When a vehicle approaches from the correct direction, the teeth simply retract allowing the vehicle to pass freely.  

Retracting road spikes have been designed to provide a soft approach for vehicles and feature a low ramp angle as well as reduced height. These features also eliminate much of the noise commonly associated with older products.  

One-way access spikes come complete with all fixings including up to 8 fixing points per metre, heavy steel construction, steel end caps and revolutionary new spring design to ensure a long service life with low maintenance.  

Other key features:

  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Extremely strong construction with 6mm top plate
  • High visibility lime green finish
  • Prevents vehicle access from unauthorised direction
  • All teeth operate independently of each other
  • Weighs 13kg per ½ metre; 5kg per end