Based on the successful 25mm diameter mini-wheel, Mini Conveyors system from Spacepac Industries is designed to convey light to medium weight articles down shallow gradients with low line pressures.

Goods of small base dimensions, small for larger conveyors, can be handled ideally by the Mini Conveyors system.

Moulded in high impact and low static engineering plastics, the 25mm mini wheels together with their cradles are designed to snap fit into the perforated tracks. Spacepac’s mini conveyor system can be instantly assembled into widths or combinations to suit users’ specific requirements.

The profile of the mini wheel face ensures accurate tracking and prevents wander. Furthermore, the operation is completely maintenance free and all components have a low wear factor.

Spacepac Rexport mini conveyors is ideal for production plants, assembly lines, packaging lines, despatch lines and order picking lines. Some of the specific applications include the food processing industry, supermarket check-outs and postal and document handling industry.