Spacepac Industries has presented a series of Taylor-Dunn Electric Tow Tractors for promotion.

Alongside with several other electric tow tractors, Spacepac Industries recommend the MULE – C4-32 and C4-33 for narrow alley as both models have short turning radius of 178 cm.

Available in a sit-down combination burden carrier/tow tractor, the tow tractor has 71 cm wheel base, allowing itself to manoeuvre into corners other powered trucks simply cannot reach indoor or outdoor.

Heavy-duty batteries, built-in fully-automatic chargers make sure these trucks are always ready to go. They are ideal for moving loads over smooth floors in warehousing, hospitals, schools and other environments where quiet, fume-free operation is necessary.

Only 76 cm wide, these compact trucks clear narrow aisles and standard doorways. Full 360 degree turns can be made in a mere 3.5 m.

The Mule Electric Tow Tractor has adjustable seats and all-steel construction ensure a comfortable, safe ride. Individually padded seat and backrest are covered with tough heavy-duty vinyl upholstery. Bumpers are heavy-duty steel welded to the frame; 16 gauge steel diamond plate facing covers all exterior surfaces.

Features of Electric Tow Tractor MULE – C4-32 and C4-33:

  • Type: Electric
  • Speed: 14 kph for C4-32 and 10 kph for C4-33
  • Range: 32.2 kph
  • Load Capacity: 635 kg for C4-32 & 544 kg for C4-33
  • Towing Capacity: 3,969 kg for C4-32 & 3,402 kg for C4-33
  • Bed Size: 74 W x 102 L cm
  • Voltage: 36 volt for C4-32 & 24 volt for C4-33
  • Turning Radius: 178 cm