The Smart Stacker electric forklift, available from Spacepac Industries is a lifting unit that helps stack items efficiently and effortlessly. The battery powered hydraulics on this lifting equipment do all the hard work, and with large diameter rear steering wheels and extra heavy duty front wheels, the Smart Stacker is really easy to move and steer. These forklifts are also available in self-propelled models.

For ergonomic reasons, the Smart Stacker electric forklift has an optional and adjustable infra-red height sensor option, which keeps the lifting equipment operator working at the right level. There is no need to bend or lift while loading or unloading pallets. The lifting operator can simply dial in the working level and the forklift will do the rest automatically. This amazing auto-detect working height feature greatly reduces the risk of lifting injuries during the loading process.

Straddle measurements, taken from inside Spacepac’s Smart Stacker electric lifting equipment is 1,450mm and measures 120mm more together with the legs. Standard lifting fork length is 900mm and the width over forks is 610mm. Overall, the lifting unit weight is approximately 250kg.

The ranges of Smart Stacker electric forklifts available from Spacepac have lifting heights of up to 2.4m and up to 2.5 tonne weight capacity. The forklifts can be pushed or self propelled and have optional built-in digital scales and many other features.

Accessories for this electric lifting equipment include a time delay function on sensor for fixed or adjustable delays. The built-in digital scales give the weight of the item on the forklift to within 1% accuracy.

The Smart Stacker forklift may be fully hot-dipped galvanised, or has turning front wheels to allow sideways movement with long loads. Spacepac also offers non-standard lifting forks, outriggers or wheels for their lifting equipment on special request.