Spacepac Industries is a supplier for a complete range of electric forklifts, walkie stackers, traction stackers, platform lifters, hydraulic reach forks/ forklifts to automatic pallet positioners.

Spacepac is introducing another electric drive and lift pallet truck, among its diverse range of lift trucks. This power lift and drive is designed with a removable ride-on plate. The ride-on plate comes with it, giving you the alternative of riding on it or traction driving it by standing behind.


This full electric pallet truck is battery operated with a load capacity of 2000 kg for #WCBD20 or 1200 kg for #WCBD12.


It is able to move smoothly forward or in reverse direction, with a small turning radius of 1965mm. The electric drive cum pallet lift can travel at 5.8 km/h with load and up to 6.2 km/h without load.


Having a net weight (excluding battery) of 400kg, the truck can achieve a total lift height of 205mm and a lowered fork height of 85mm. The fork length is 1150mm and its width over the forks is 650mm. The lifter has a body dimension of 760mm W x 680mm L (excluding the forks and ride-on plate).

This electric drive and lift pallet truck comes with a 12 months warranty. Battery (24V) and charger are included too.

Also available from Spacepac Industries are many other electric lifters, walkie stackers, scissor lifters, electric drives and pallet trucks in many different sizes and heights. In addition to the heavy load models, Spacepac is offering light weight lifters for lighter loads. There is a choice of fully electric ones or you can select from the manually driven models. With such a wide range of lifters, stackers and pallet trucks, you will definitely find something for your specific needs.