Spacepac Industries is supplying a new Durapoly locker – the ultimate in modern poly locker design. Advanced ergonomics are incorporated in heavy-duty polyethylene, offering the advantages of long-term hygiene, security and protection.

This Durapoly locker has excellent attractive aesthetics to blend in with modern environments. It has a unique interlocking profile which allows for locker 'bank' configurations. In addition, it can be numbered (e.g. 1 – 100) for easy identification.

The lockers are made from super tough non-rust polyethylene, allowing for use in myriad adverse environments. Being of very high-quality and hygienic, these lockers are ideal for chemical and poisonous substance storage. It is a neat and pleasant solution to put away items at home or the office.

The locker can be secured with a latch handle for padlock or it can be key locked. For hygiene purposes, each locker has a threaded drain plug in its’ base to allow for flushing. This feature allows for the lockers to be washed and cleaned without fearing the water may pool in it. Together with this standard design, there is a clothes hanging rail, should you need to hang items.

As an optional accessory, you can choose to install stainless shelves (maximum of three shelves per locker) to maximise storage place. For convenience, keyed locks can be unlike or keyed alike together with a master key.

These multi-purpose lockers come in standard colours of light grey body and teal/ castor red/ dark blue door.

The two models available from Spacepac Industries are

• # 1813-DP Locker - 450L x 500W x 830H mm - plain top (half locker/single door)

• # 1815-DP Locker - 450L x 500W x 830H mm – 45 deg angle top (half locker/single door)