The certified barrier system from Spacepac Industries offers maximum protection against fork truck damage to your buildings and assets. Coolstore panel walls are often vulnerable to fork truck damage with repairs costing thousands of dollars.

Prevention of this damage by installing this barrier system has proven to be a cost effective solution by many coolstores and food-processing factories.

The wide range of components available makes the barrier system an ideal option for many areas where protection is required.

This barrier system from Spacepac Industries is available galvanised or safety yellow, and all other hardware and components are also galvanised for superior corrosion resistance.

The complete system, when installed to certain specifications, is certified to stop a total mass of 4metre tonnes moving at a speed of 3.5km/hr, 90 deg to the barrier.

The barrier and components are also pre-punched with slots for ease of assembly and installation. Only a minimal floor space of 165mm is required to secure the barrier system to the ground.