Carbis gangways, available from by Spacepac Industries , provide safe and easy access to the tops of tank trucks and rail cars.

The heavy-duty design of the gangways enables them to be operated in the most rigorous of environments, and offers a lengthy service life. The gangways are fully factory assembled, offering easy installation, and can be modified to meet specific requirements.

Three types of gangways are offered by Spacepac Industries:

Folding Stair Type – This is the most versatile of the gangways, and accommodates height variations in most tank cars, tank trucks and hopper cars.

Flat Gangway Ramp Type – This is the most economical of the gangways, and is ideally suited for accessing uniform heights and types of transport equipment.

Telescoping Ramp Type – These gangway ramps are ideal for situations where the vehicle height is fairly uniform. A manually operated extension ramp allows for some deviation in vehicle spotting.

Features of the Carbis gangways range includes: 

  • Width and length variations are available to meet specific applications 
  • Padded lower edge of the gangway helps to prevent vehicle damage 
  • Open serrated slip-resistant walk surface maximises footing in all climates 
  • Little maintenance is required and the gangways are repairable in the field 
  • Can be mounted to operate as a fixed, pivoting, or track mounted gangway
  • Optional self-leveling SAF-T Cages, designed specifically for vehicle type, help improve safety
Cabris gangways are available as standard in non-sparking aluminium or in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The gangways have a weight capacity of 226kg (500 lb) and can be customised to fit platform and site requirements.