Spacepac Industries  have introduced the Archive Hand Crank Shelving, a modern, high volume storage unit.

The variable gearing of Archive Hand Crank Shelving enables the operator to move heavy loads of up to 35 tonnes with absolute ease.

Designed to exacting standards to stand the test-of-time, Archive Hand Crank Shelving system is suitable for the long term storage of items in archives, museums, libraries and galleries.

Ideal design

The ergonomic design of the hand crank incorporates rotating knobs at the end of each spoke. Various locking systems can be incorporated within the standard hand crank.


Where security of stored materials is important, Archive is the suitable choice. Various locking devices help protect contents from unauthorised access.

Hand crank key lock

A hand crank key lock is used to lock one or more mobile bases by means of a key.

Aisle lock

An aisle lock is fitted to the hand crank. When the knob is pushed in, the aisle is secured.

Floor lock

The floor lock locks the total system.

Interlock lock

The inter lock secures one particular aisle against access without a key. The interlock is engaged when the aisle is closed. The bases remain joined until the inter lock is disengaged by means of the euro lock.

Increase capacity and pick-faces while reducing costs

The innovative design properties of Archive mean one can install units up to 12,000mm deep.

Innovative design

Rails are used to distribute floor loads equally. The ideal Inco rail has a convex shape to accept concave rim of the guide wheel.

Rails “On Floor”

Rails can be installed on an existing finished floor. Rails are laid in conjunction with a purpose designed flooring system to create a level surface between rails and floor. The height of the floor is usually 40-50mm above floor level.

Rails “In-Floor”

Rails can also be installed level with concrete floors, providing an infloor finish.

Good access

All floors are finished with an aluminium ramp providing trolley and wheelchair access.

Emissions free

New emission free aluminium flooring is designed specifically to suit damp environments and where the conservation of irreplaceable items is important.