Space Furniture has launched its first showroom in Sydney in 1993, quickly establishing an high benchmark for design retailing in Australia.

Since then Space furniture has developed into Australia and South East Asia’s huge and progressive retailer of contemporary design.

With a unique approach and highly sophisticated, design-focused interior environment, Space occupies a leadership position in the markets in which it operates.

Celebrating a good year at the Milan Furniture Fair, Space has freighted some of this year's design highlights including London-Based architect and Pritkzer Prize winner Zaha Hadid's new Moon System for B&B Italia.

The Moon System explores the architect's love of fluidity and form within a sculptural piece that is also fundamentally functional. On show for the first time outside Italy, the prototype is accompanied by background material including a video interview with the design team.

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On show from the recent Milan Furniture fair, Space has freighted out key designs. Pieces from leading brands of the likes of B&B Italia, Kartell and Driade were launched. The new B&B Italia Project Collection from designer Jeffery Bernett, Monica Armani and Patricia Urquiola was also launched.