Why Insulated Glass Units (IGUs)?

It’s simple: for a very low additional cost above single glazed windows, Sovereign Windows & Doors’ customers can now take advantage of sophisticated combinations for that unique ‘glass on glass’ experience.

Higher performing windows and sliding doors mean ongoing energy savings. With IGUs a reduction in air conditioning costs of up to 20% is achievable - hundreds of dollars per year in fact - even more if you specify Argon gas fill for a total of 35% reduction of heat gain or loss.

Ongoing comfort while saving on energy costs could mean  paying for your windows in just a few years, all while enjoying the IGU performance.

Sovereign Windows and Sliding Doors have some the high performing frames and sashes. It is only fitting that either single glazing or IGUs can be specified by their customers.

IGUs are not just for cold climates. Here in Australia, IGUs are just as affective at keeping heat out as keeping it in.