Southwest Spas  specialises in the supply of comprehensive range of spas including Californian deluxe spas, Tornado spa, Infinity swim spa and many others. Californian deluxe spas provided by Southwest Spas comprise of about 65 stainless jets in conjunction with four pumps. This spa also consists of 20 led lights and infinity cabinet. Various other features of Californian deluxe spa supplied by Southwest Spas include headrests, heater, radios, pop up speakers, ipod connectors and available in summer sapphire blue marble colours. This spa is also supplied with foam insulation.

Tornado spas provided by Southwest Spas can accommodate about 10 people with features including 65 jets, four pumps and available in pearl shadow black marble colours. The Infinity swim spa offered by Southwest Spas comprises of about 60 jets in conjunction with six pumps. Other features include two led lights, neck jets, hard lockable cover, heater and foam insulation. This swim spa is available in sterling white marble colours. Southwest Spas also provides large Australian spa series II with varied features including 35 jets, hard cover, cedar cabinet, and hard cover in combination with aromatherapy facility.