Southwell Lifts and Hoists  designed, manufactured and installed two custom built cantilever hydraulic in shaft goods hoists at the WIN Stadium Western Grandstand to help stadium caterers transport food trolleys to the upper levels.  

The custom made goods hoists were made to suit the Grandstand's unique structural challenges including a rise in the ground level from the stadium’s southern end to the northern end. Southwell worked closely with the project builder, Lipman during the installation.  

The goods hoists have a 2.4M x 1.8M platform to service three levels, a lifting capacity of 1.5T and a total travel of 9.2M and 7.6M. Since the seating was located directly above the hoist's shafts, there was an extremely low overrun for the lift mechanism. Southwell compensated for this by providing deeper pits, sinking the mechanisms further into the ground to reduce the overrun.  

The goods lifts were also finished with two pack epoxy to minimise the corrosive effects of the sea breeze since the WIN Stadium is located near the ocean.    

Backed by nearly 70 years of experience in designing and manufacturing specialised lifting and hoist solutions, Southwell Lifts and Hoists offers goods hoists, scissor lifts, vehicle hoists, airport equipment and elevating work platforms.