Silens-Pro from Southern Lifts is a sophisticated and technologically advanced lift, specially designed for buildings that require noise-free equipment.

Silens-Pro is a machine-roomless lift, which minimises building work and maximises space-saving. Its innovative gearless permanent-magnet synchronous motor is located at the top of the lift shaft on a bedplate directly fixed to the guide rails, which are anchored to each floor slab. This results in the loads being transmitted to the pit rather than to the shaft walls, thereby preventing vibration and disturbance to the walls of adjoining buildings. 

Silens-Pro’s gearless motor revolves directly at 60rpm and eliminates the need for gearing. The absence of gear-wheeling and Silens-Pro’s variable-frequency movement control mechanism combine to provide the smooth possible ride and precision at each stop.

Silens-Pro Lifts have special assembly configuration, which makes them efficient units. Their central drive delivers optimum performance and energy-saving. The Silens Pro lift uses up to 50% less energy than a conventional electric lift.

Gearless permanent-magnet motor of Silens-Pro works without pollutant oils and lubricants, making it eco-friendly lifts.