ISO Max goods lifts from Southern Lifts are manufactured from cold rolled galvanised steel. They come with manual operated hinged doors also made of galvanised steel. The cabin has a light and ventilation, tested safety gear and a special cabin apron. Push buttons for emergency calling and emergency lighting are also located in the cabin.

The ISO Max is a goods only lift with two fixed cabin areas of 1.00m x 1.40m or 1.275m x 1.50m and a variable cabin height of 1.20m to 2.00m. These goods lifts have a maximum capacity of 1000 kilos.

Their design incorporates a number of features that makes these goods lifts superior to similar hydraulic freight elevators. These include:

  • Accessible spaces underneath the shaft are possible
  • Compact construction
  • Corrosion proof
  • Easy mounting steel shaft cladding optional
  • Machine room less lift
  • No brick shaft necessary
  • Self supported galvanised steel structure
  • Shaft pit depth of 270 mm only
  • Space saving installation