Southern Lifts  supplies commercial lifts produced in Spain by IMEM. IMEM manufactures a wide range of commercial lifts for offices, hotels, apartments and other high traffic buildings.

IMEM offers both MRL and hydraulic commercial lifts as part of their product range. All lifts comply with Australian Lift Code AS1735 and the Building Code of Australia. IMEM has extensive experience in the manufacture of lifts for use around the world. Their lifts are capable of delivering high performance in the most demanding environments.

Southern Lifts supplies various goods lifts and passenger lifts for commercial environments. Car interiors are fitted with robust materials such as 5WL stainless steel, galvanised steel and epoxy painted steel.

Floor coverings are available in heavy duty vinyl and chequerplate options or supplied by others to suit the décor.

When necessary, fully bespoke solutions can be engineered to suit buildings where space is limited.