Southern Lifts  supply hydraulic lifts, which are economical to purchase and maintain. Hydraulic lifts also have a smaller footprint than some other lifts allowing users to save space.

Hydraulic lifts are a type of elevator used for lighter traffic requirements such as low rise buildings, residential or in the rehabilitation or refurbishment sector.

The maximum travel of Southern Lifts’ hydraulic lifts is 24 metres. The machine room can be located on different levels, but it is generally placed adjacent to the bottom of the lift shaft.

Hydraulic lifts offer a wide range of rated load capacities, from 175 to 50,000kg. Thus, these installations make versatile solutions that adapt to multiple environments, carrying passengers or goods.

Hydraulic lifts from Southern Lifts are available with any of their cars, from the basic colourbond interior panels to luxurious timber and stainless steel interior panels.