Sound Barrier Systems  is a well established supplier of acoustic windows and doors in Australia. It has twenty seven years of experience in the field.

The Sound Barrier Systems offers add- on glazing system which is installed on the internal side of the windows and doors, forming a double glazed unit. This sound barrier system system helps to reduce the noise transmission effectively, without replacing the existing windows. This system can control noise upto 75%.

The sound barrier double window is a new innovative model from Sound Barrier Systems. It is a double glazing system formed using the award winning aluminium designs in Australia. Similar to the add on system, the added advantage to this system is the acoustically rated windows. In addition, acoustic sealing is given to the entire unit during installation.

Sound Barier Systems helps to acoustically enhance the existing windows and doors with the exclusive sound barrier system. The acoustic windows available are Sliding windows, Double-Hung windows, Awnings windows, Casement windows, Fixed windows and Bi Fold windows.

Sound Barrier Systems also supplies doors with acoustic property that includes Sliding doors, Hinged doors, French doors, Bi Fold doors, and Stacking Sliding doors. For lower rated projects only single frames and glazings are used to obtain STC 30 to STC 36 and for STC 40 to STC 50 and higher sound barrier double system is used.