Serenity Acoustic Panels by Sontext were recently installed in the Sada Hearing Rehabilitation Centre in Kuwait.

Designed in association with Ms Dena Al Nashie, a local acoustic engineer, the Serenity Acoustic Panels at the centre were installed in corridors primarily to reduce the noise levels, however with the special addition of the L32 impact resistant membrane, these acoustic wall panels have an increased impact resistance.

The Serenity Fabric used to cover the acoustic panels was designed in accordance with the strict acoustic performance requirements set out by the consultant, and the insulation used in the project is 50mm thick, due to the extra requirement of low frequency absorption. The covering fabric is totally breathable, which allows the unwanted noise to penetrate the sound absorbing membranes in the panel.

The Sada Hearing Rehabilitation Centre are so happy with the reduction in noise problems that they have also installed Serenity Acoustic Panels in classrooms, reception areas, and in the multi purpose hall.