Sontext has provided ARTAS Architects with Murano acoustic panels for a ceiling grid in a cafeteria building project.

Murano acoustic panels are a range of perforated, grooved and slotted timber ceiling and wall panels that provide maximum sound absorption with reduce reverberation. The acoustic panels utilise the latest perforation techniques and can be perforated independently to allow sound to pass through and dissipated.

The Murano acoustic panels supplied to ARTAS Architects featured a 3mm round hole perforation pattern that provided a stylish ceiling area with the required amount of sound absorption.

“ARTAS Architects chose this product and finish. This is an ideal application for Murano Acoustic Panels, with this particular perforation pattern - as the space is intended to be used as a cafeteria ,” said Sontext Marketing Manager Geoff Coghlan.

According to Coghlan, the 3mm holes in the acoustic panels are barely visible from floor level. The Murano acoustic panels have also been tested with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.65 in a suspended ceiling application.

“This will provide sufficient sound absorption to minimise reverberation in the space, without deadening the “buzz”, which is desirable for social meeting space like this,” said Coghlan.

For more information on the range of Murano acoustic panels, contact Sontext or visit their website.