Church acoustics can be one of the most difficult areas of acoustical design, due to the number of specific requirements of a church auditorium. Whether this is for amplified music, speech or for stage presentations (e.g. choirs), the acoustic requirements vary significantly. Choosing the right acoustic panel with thickness and performance is an important step to achieving excellent church acoustics.

In many old church buildings, as in the old cathedrals of Europe, there was no absorption but many examples of reflection and diffusion. Trying to create this effect with today’s audio technology and building design can be difficult, but by engaging a qualified  acoustic engineer as well as using the correct product design and installation this can be achieved.

Recently Clayton Church of Christ in Melbourne, Australia were having a number of problems, from the space being too dead at some frequencies and reflective at others. Working with Hanson and Associates of Melbourne, Sontext manufactured acoustic panels covered in Rim Trilogy 1 fabrics by Innova to give a fashion and a decorative finish.

Other areas of the building were also treated such as multipurpose rooms that are used for children's activities, SerenityLite Acoustic panels were used in these rooms to reduce the unwanted noise. By working with the acoustic engineer, Sontext was able to deliver a fully installed solution for Clayton Church of Christ and the results have been exceptional.

Sontext offer Diffusers, Reflective panels, Quadratic diffusers, Bass traps, Sound Absorbing Acoustic Panels, all tailored to suit the specifications of the acoustic engineer and the aesthetic requirements of an interior designer.