KeeGuard free standing roof edge protection, available from Solid Dynamics , works on a proven counterweight system. Recycled PVC weights provide a highly visible, non slip secure base that does not penetrate the roof membrane. Galvanised fittings and tube deliver collective protection, ensuring ensures a safe working environment for those working at heights.

Worldwide safety recommendations for the protection of maintenance workers are moving to a hierarchy of safety where collective fall prevention solutions, as provided by the KeeGuard roof edge protection system, are favoured over singular fall protection alternatives such as wire systems and harnesses.

The KeeGuard modular railing system is simple and cost effective, and has been specifically designed to provide roof edge protection for flat or low sloping roofs with a 3 degree pitch.
The KeeGuard roof edge protection system prevents falls, ensures rooftop safety, and can be used for retrofitting to older buildings as well as for new construction.

KeeGuard roof edge protection systems meet the requirements of the Working at Heights legislation and require no welding, bending or threading on site and no special tools or skills are required for installation.

The roof edge protection systems feature a modular construction and are fitted with KeeKoat corrosion protected grub screws and ThredKoat recess protection.

The fall prevention system ensures collective protection for all roof top work and can help to save on installation time and costs.