Ventilation expert Solatube recommends its environmentally friendly ventilation Solar Star fans for preventing irreparable roof and attic damage caused by heat and moisture especially in summer months.

High humidity can lead to structural damage from fungal decay, mould, and insulation saturation. Heat build-up in the roof also transfers to living areas, which increases both temperatures and energy costs. The technically advanced Solar Star ventilation fans help to tackle both of these issues.

The solar powered Solar Star ventilation fans eliminate heat and the build up of humidity to keep homes cool using an environmentally friendly method that provide up to 10+ wind vents.

Mark Peall, Solatube Australia General Manager said, “the Solar Star will reduce your overall electricity bill so you will not only save money but by saving energy you will also help to save the environment. By having the Solar Star ventilation system installed you can effectively eliminate your household’s greenhouse gas emissions by reducing your overall energy consumption, an excellent green result.”

During the summer temperatures of the underneath side of roofs can rise as high as 100 degrees. The Solar Star fans work to ventilate roof spaces and circulate the air in order to reduce heat, keeping homes cool, and reducing the need for air conditioning.

Unlike standard roof ventilators, the solar powered ventilation Solar Star fans don’t wait for attic temperatures to reach a preset temperature, instead they begin to work as soon as the sun rises.

The Solar Star ventilation fans also work to protect critical roof structures through the reduction of moisture and heat build up and are completely leak proof. Solar Star ventilator fans can be fitted to the majority of roof types including corrugated, metal and tiled.

The Solar Star ventilation systems are simple to install and can be fitted wherever improved air circulation and ventilation is required most.  The fans do not need to be installed by an electrician and take less than 30 minutes to fit.

The Solar Star ventilation systems are suitable for homes, sheds, garages and other enclosed areas. The fan ventilators are durable and resistant to wind, hail and flying objects.