Brighten Up series, Solatube Australia's new high tech innovation in energy efficient Daylighting has received a short-listing mention at the Australian Design Awards 2008.

Brighten Up series is Australia's first Tubular Daylighting device with unique features and benefits. Not a skylight, Brighten Up series is a Daylighting fixture that is controllable, measurable and customisable.

Completely consumer friendly, the Brighten Up series is created specifically to optimise consumer comfort by offering controllable light levels through the day and into the night.

Reduced carbon footprint, Brighten Up series is designed to deliver optimum daylight and minimise heat gain during summer or heat loss during winter.

Brighten Up series provides consistent light performance by considering external lighting conditions during the day as well as the seasons.

Brighten Up series is specially intended to deliver daylighting solutions to education, retail, warehouse, office and residential environments where great energy efficiency and optimum daylight effects can be realised.