Ventilation systems experts, Solatube Australia are recommending a new range of roof fans for the approaching summer when the temperature is expected to increase.  

Solar Star roof fans are technically advanced and environmentally friendly products for solar powered roof space ventilation, helping to keep the home cool throughout summer.  

High humidity levels caused by heat and moisture in roof cavities and attics can cause irreparable structural damage through mould and fungal decay.  

Heat can build up in roof spaces to high temperatures, which is transferred into living areas below to dramatically increase both temperature and energy bills.  

Solar Star ventilation fans are designed to cost-effectively eliminate heat and moisture from roof spaces in an environmentally responsible way. These roof fans help decrease the household’s greenhouse gas emissions effectively by reducing the overall energy consumption.  

Solar Star roof fans are available in two models. While RM 1200 is ideal for homes with a single, smaller roof space, RM 1600 is designed for more expansive roof spaces.  

RM 1200 roof ventilation fans are classic roof mount fans suitable for a wide range of roof space ventilation needs and are equal to 10+ wind vents.  

Solar Star RM 1600 roof fans are 50% more powerful than the RM 1200 model with power equal to 15+ wind vents.  

According to Solatube Australia General Manager Mark Peall, roof space temperature can reach 100°C in the summer months, which can be managed efficiently by circulating the air and ventilating the roof space using the Solar Star roof fans.  

Designed to reduce heat build-up, which ultimately reduces air conditioning costs, Solar Star roof fans can be fitted with a thermal switch that automatically activates temperature settings for delivering great results in all climate conditions.

The solar powered roof fans are designed for easy installation and can be placed in any location in the home that requires improved air circulation and ventilation.  

Key benefits of Solar Star roof fans:  

  • Reduces heat and humidity build-up, preventing structural damage
  • Lowers energy consumption by cooling living spaces
  • Leak proof and durable design
  • Suits most roof types including corrugated, metal and tile roofs
  • Can be installed in less than 30 minutes without an electrician
  • Impact-resistant solar panel provides protection from hail, wind and flying objects