The Solatube 750 DS is a large Daylighting System capable of providing enough daylight for commercial applications.

The product’s configuration means it can be integrated into nearly any design, although it is most suitable for large spaces with open ceilings that require a consistent level of light during the length of a typical working day.  

So, how does it work? A roof top dome captures daylight from pre-dawn to post-dusk. This light travels down a patented reflective tubing in the roof space to the ceiling below. A 99.7 per cent reflectivity of the Spectralight Infinity Tubing results in maximum light transfer, which provides clarity of light.

A diffuser sits flush with the internal ceiling, and the reflected daylight shines through the diffuser into the room.

Designed to deliver consistent light output throughout the day, the Solatube 750 DS effectively captures low-angle rays in the morning and late afternoon, but rejects high-angle rays at midday to prevent glare, over-lighting and over-heating.


The new Sydney corporate headquarters for R&W Traders, which owns The Cheesecake Shop, was designed by PTI Group to include the Solatube 750 DS units, with extension kits and Solatube round diffusers.

An extension to a fire-damaged office, the site faced constraints and the floor plan had to take the form of a square shape. According to Lewis Lau of PTI, this made it difficult to bring sunlight into the rear part of the office, which is housed in a two storey building.

In response, PTI created a courtyard in the middle and installed Solatube skylights above. However, because of strict BCA requirements which limits the percentage of skylights utilised, the design team had to seek out an alternative solution.

“Solatube has a very good feature, which is an extension tube, whereby the light can bounce within the tube and diffuser without compromising on efficiency,” said Lau.

The tube is relatively big, being 530mm in diameter, and located high up and above the reflection tube.

“It’s almost like you can’t see where the light is coming from through a long tube,” noted Lau.

The Solatube DS skylights were also chosen as part of the design formula. Using multiple units within a suspended bulkhead has created a ‘swiss cheese effect’, which suggest the nature of the business in an aesthetically pleasing and effective way.

The incorporation of the Solatube skylights has therefore helped to connect workers with the outside world via an abundance of natural light, while creating an impactful design and business statement.