Solar Star roof fans available from Solatube Australia are solar powered roof ventilation systems that draw heat and moisture out from roof spaces to keep the home cool and comfortable.  

Roof ventilation is critical for maintaining a cool, dry home. It is equally important to select roof space ventilators that offer proven performance.  

Solar Star roof fans by Solatube are designed to draw out moisture and heat from the roof, reducing the risk of mould and damage.  

Being completely solar powered, Solatube Solar Star roof fans use no electricity, saving money for the homeowner. The roof fans also offer benefits such as simple installation and quiet operation. A professional installation is recommended for maximum product efficiency.  

A single Solar Star roof fan unit is equivalent to 10+ spinning roof vents in terms of efficiency.  

Solar roof fans make a significant impact on the indoor temperature of a home, cooling it in the hot season without the use of air conditioning and helping to save substantially on energy bills.