Available from Solatube Australia , the Solar Star roof mounted fan is an ideal roof ventilation solution that is technologically advanced and environmentally friendly.

The Solar Star roof ventilation system brings the home owner a ventilation solution that costs nothing to operate because it is powered by Solar Star's 10-watt solar panel. By placing the unit on the highest point of the roof where it is most effective, the ventilation fan will circulate air and ventilate the attic space which transforms the home into a comfortable living environment.

A breakthrough product designed to last season after season, the Solar Star roof ventilation system is available with either a low profile or pitched flashing option. The low profile option is built to a sleek, unobtrusive design suitable for most roof applications, while the pitched flashing option is an alternative for north facing roofs when sun exposure could be improved.

An optional accessory for Solar Star roof ventilation systems is the Solar Star Add On Panel, which is a solution to maximising the operational time of the unit when continuous sun exposure is limited. Environmentally friendly and well priced, these sleek inconspicuous panels are an ideal solution to east and west facing roof slopes, roofs that have shadowing from trees or other structures. This unit installs easily in under 30 minutes, and the polymeric housing means long lasting performance in all weather conditions. This unit also costs nothing to operate.