SolarVenti Industrial solar air collectors significantly reduce the cost of heating large halls and buildings which require an air exchange.

The system brings fresh, dry air into the building. The air enters the collector by a patented double-perforated rear wall. The air passes through the absorber, which consists of a black technical material that is resistant to high temperature and also acts as a filter.

This collector is unique in that it converts solar radiation to warm, fresh air. The air gap between the back wall and absorber provides thermal resistance to transfer solar energy to the incoming air and eliminates the need for isolation.

This compact solar air collector is lighter than any seen before. Additionally, the filter will automatically be cleaned by the solar heat when the fan is switched off in the sun. When the temperature exceeds 80ºC, the solar heating cleans and disinfects the felt filter. This means there is zero maintenance.

All businesses can benefit from implementing some of these general energy-saving tips to start saving on power bills.

Small changes:

  • turn off computer, monitors, printers, copiers and lights at the end of each day
  • reduce paper use by printing on both sides or reusing paper
  • use email instead of sending memos and faxing documents.
Good investments:
  • Consider Energy Star models when buying computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and copiers so they power down after a period of inactivity
  • laptops consume 90% less energy than standard desktop computers
  • inkjet printers consume 90% less energy than laser printers
  • buy the right size copier for you business – don’t buy one that’s bigger than you need.
There are many things that can be done to help make heating, ventilation and air-conditioning more energy efficient.

Great investments:

  • close shades during early morning and late evening to reduce heat gain from sun
  • install solar cooling like the Solar Whiz to maintain fresh clean air
  • install Solarventi panels, or for large business, the Solarventi Industrial, which can reduce energy bills by up to 50%
  • close doors to the outside to control the internal environment
  • when possible, use air-conditioning as the last option
  • keep room temperatures around 18ºC in winter and 25ºC in summer
  • install timers or programmable thermostats to maximise efficiency of your Solarventi’s and minimise air-conditioning
  • install locking covers on thermostats to prevent people from tampering with temperature settings
  • perform regular maintenance on units, checking ducts and pipe insulation for damage, including fumigating using Gas Infusion Technology to eliminate any spores or fungal existence
  • clean condenser coils and replace filters regularly.
Good investments:
  • replace old heating, ventilation or air-conditioning systems with new, energy efficient systems
  • install blinds or solar screen shades to cool the workplace
  • install ceiling and wall insulation
  • insulate water heaters and supply pipes, especially joints and external connections
  • install automatic door-closer and strip curtains on walk-in freezers or coolers.