Solartex Insulation Systems has introduced Autex Quietspace Acoustic Fabric.

Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is a decorative interior wall fabric that can transform noisy interiors into quieter working, entertaining and relaxing environments.

Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is designed to reduce reverberated noise while providing a decorative wall covering that is pin, stable and hook and loop receptive.

Quietspace Acoustic Fabric has been specifically designed to manage and reduce reverberated noise (ie. echo noise) in building interiors by absorbing sound that would otherwise be reflected.

Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is made from 100% polyester fibre. Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is a lightweight and flexible material that is ideal for use on vertical surfaces in commercial offices, theatres, libraries, retail environments, schools and even kids’ bedrooms.

Quietspace Acoustic Fabric is fully recyclable and follows an ecological production process allowing designers to embrace the principals of EcoDesign and sustainable interior design without compromise.