Solar Shop Australia  is a renewable energy solutions provider that designs and installs grid-connect solar power systems.  

Individuals looking to install solar power panels now have a new product to choose from with Solar Shop Australia announcing the addition of Solar Frontier’s Copper Indium Selenium (CIS) panel to its product range.  

Solar Frontier is a Japanese solar panel manufacturer backed by one of the world’s largest energy companies, Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K who has more than 30 years’ experience in solar panel development in addition to over $1 billion (USD) of solar investment over the same period.  

A common sight across Europe and the United States, Solar Frontier CIS panels are manufactured to exceed Australian certification standards and have undergone independent testing that consistently confirms that the panels yield up to 10 percent more energy than regular crystalline panels.  

Solar Shop Australia national sales manager, Paul Arthur says that he is pleased Solar Shop Australia is now able to offer a third generation solar panel to Australians.  

“Solar Shop Australia has a long tradition of being at the forefront of sourcing the newest and highest performing panel technologies globally as we ensure that Australians continue to have a choice of panels that are most appropriate to maximising solar electricity generated,” Paul said.  

“The Solar Frontier CIS panels are world leading when it comes to energy production and are a great addition to our extensive panel product range.  

“One of the most environmentally-friendly panels manufactured in the world, the solar panels have an Energy Payback Period of less than one year, which is a third of what regular crystalline panel technologies can achieve,” he said.  

To ensure that the panels are suited to the Australian market and climate, Solar Shop Australia has been testing Solar Frontier’s panels at its headquarters in South Australia.  

“Solar Shop thoroughly researches and tests a product before bringing it to market and this is what we have done with Solar Frontier’s CIS panel,” Paul said.  

“Early results from the system show that it is performing better than expected, which is good news for those people who will be installing the technology on their own roofs from now on.  

“We are very confident that this panel will make its mark on Australia’s solar energy production in the coming decades and with a solid parent company, the Australian public can be confident that they are getting one of the best panels in the marketplace,” he said.