Commonwealth Government initiative, known as the Photovoltaic Rebate Program, from Solar Shop Australia is relevant to domestic systems ranging between 450 and 1,000 Watts providing a discount based on the total amount of solar panel power generated. Solar Shop Australia can help its customers especially in terms of rebate. The panel and inverter from Solar Shop Australia can be installed either on roof or be free standing. Inverters are usually located near customers electrical switch board. Installation of inverters as well as panels is usually done by professional electricians and certified installers. Professional electricians and certified installers of Solar Shop Australia take about half a day in order to finish the necessary work.

Batteries can be installed so that power is available even at the time when the grid fails. At the time of blackout, the batteries flawlessly continue to supply power to houses without any interruption. Solar Shop Australia offers maintenance free sealed batteries that are supplied as a steel enclosure. The grid connect inverter from Solar Shop Australia converts DC electricity from customer’s solar panels into 240Vac electricity. Inverters from Solar Shop Australia can be a single centralised unit or can also be in the form of one inverter per solar panel. Both decentralised and centralised inverters from Solar Shop Australia can provide expandability to customers grid connect solar system.