Solar Cool  is a well established manufacturer and supplier of extensive range of roofs and roof coatings. It has thirty years of experience in the field of roofing. It has recently introduced Insultec, a new roof coating. This elastomeric membrane is the ideal choice for all types of roofs.

Insultec, roof coating has a wide range of benefits. It has the capacity to block the solar heat transfer. This roof coating can be used on roofs, walls and hard concrete surfaces. It blocks upto 90% of solar infrared rays and upto 85% of ultraviolet rays. These two rays are the contributing factors for the solar heat transfer.

The Insultec roof coating from Solar Cool acts as a heat reflective membrane. This co-polymer is the best choice for roofs of any type. It can be used for commercial metal roofs, asbestos roofs and also on the industrial roofs. The roof coating also has a wide range of benefits.

The Insultec roof coating decreases the temperature of industrial and commercial roofs by 47%, it reduces the maintenance cost of concrete surfaces. The roof membrane is used for asbestos encapsulation and lowers the internal temperature by 15°C. As the roof coating reduces the heat, 61% reduction in air conditioning running costs can be accomplished.