EXlites  offers a wide range of Solar Panels. The Solar Panels offered by EXlites consists of a bypass diode that minimizes the power drop by shade. The panels are waterproof and the conversion efficiency of solar cell is more than 14.4%. The panels are made up of white tempered glass EVA resin, anodized aluminum frame and weatherproof film to resist harsh environments.

The EXlites products are quality tested and adhere with the required standards. The 3500 SupaLux Solar Lightings offered by EXlites comes with an outstanding lighting performance. It consists of EXDC35 IP66 luminaries, EXlites Solar Module, an EXlites silicon battery and an installation manual. The products are carefully designed to facilitate easy installation.

The Solar Controller from EXlites is automatically activated and regulates the battery. The Solar Silicon Batteries from EXlites are maintenance free and is known for its longevity. All products are designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Standards. EXlites also offers a wide range of aluminum multi pole designs, steel pole designs, steel gal designs and the like.