Leading solar hot water and power solutions specialist, Solahart Industries states that solar is getting back in the spotlight due to soaring electricity prices and higher winter power consumption.

Though there is a compelling argument in favour of going solar, Solahart’s GM Sales and Marketing Renewables, Stephen Cranch also notes that there is lack of clarity on rebate and incentive schemes, coupled with confusion around the difference between solar power and solar water heating technologies.

According to Mr Cranch, looming gas and electricity price hikes on top of already high charges, legislation in all states banning the installation of electric water heaters in new homes and uncertainty about the carbon tax have seen the case for solar go from strength to strength.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, real household electricity prices across Australia have risen by more than 40% over the last five years with prices expected to increase by 16% this year in New South Wales alone.

Mr Cranch advises homeowners to mitigate the impact of rising energy costs by replacing their electric water heater, which accounts for around 25% of a household’s energy use with a solar alternative.
He explains that solar water heaters can reduce water heating energy use by up to 50-90%, helping to significantly lower power bills. Simultaneously, the household’s greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced by around three tonnes a year, equivalent of taking a small car off the road.

Additionally, homeowners can install a PV solar panel system to generate electricity and cover the rest of their power requirements.

Solahart’s renewable energy solutions offer several advantages including lower energy bills, environment-friendly operation and reliable performance.

Solahart Industries offers a range of solar hot water systems and solar power systems to suit all climates and geographic locations.