Solahart Industries  suggest that New South Wales home-owners worried about escalating power bills make the switch to solar water heating now, while Government rebates and other financial incentives can shave more than $2,400 off the cost of a new system.

Solahart’s National Manager, Stephen Cranch, said that with electric water heating accounting for approximately one quarter of household energy consumption, switching to solar water heating is an simple and affordable option that will provide immediate relief for families and help minimise the impact of future increases.

“Right now, New South Wales home-owners can get back $1,300 in Federal and State Government rebates when replacing an electric water heater with an environmentally-friendly solar water heater, provided they haven’t already claimed the $1000 insulation rebate. They can also claim Renewable Energy Certificates which are currently worth up to $1,200 for a typical Solahart 300 litre system,” says Cranch.
“The Federal Government is currently working with State Governments to phase out new electric water heaters in coming years, which is yet another reason home-owners should consider solar water heating. Not only will making the switch have immediate and long-term financial benefits, it will reduce water heating energy use by up to 65-70% which is great news for the environment,” he adds.
The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal announced recently that NSW power bills are set to rise by up to 64% over the next three years.