The Solahart MDV series was launched earlier this year, utilising innovative new technology to enhance the performance of the system.

It is an open circuit split system solar water heater, with roof-mounted slimline collectors and a tank that can be installed discreetly on the ground, either indoors or outdoors.

This flexibility minimises visual impact on the roof, reconciling sustainability with aesthetics.

Designed for Australian conditions, these new models optimise energy savings depending on the system’s location.

Solar energy is transferred directly to the water as it is moved through the collectors by an electric circulator. The heated water is stored in the ground mounted tank.

According to Solahart, installing these systems can save up to 85 per cent of water heating energy consumption. It also qualifies for valuable environmental incentives.

Suitable for use in low to high solar gain areas, the Solahart MDV series is available with two types of solar collectors to harvest the sun’s heat and transfer it to the water.

The higher efficiency TBT200 collector with its sputtered selective surface copper absorber plate is suitable for use in lower solar gain areas, like Victoria or Tasmania.

Alternatively, the L collector with its polyester powder-coated aluminium absorber plate provides economical service in higher solar gain areas, such as South Australia.

The Solahart MDV series systems are equipped with an in-tank electric or gas booster element to ensure a reliable supply of hot water no matter what the weather conditions are.

While the systems have a level of freeze protection designed to guard against freeze conditions, they might not be suitable for harsh water regions. However, they do come with a Solahart warranty for freeze damage (Australia only – conditions apply) when the water heater is installed at an altitude not exceeding 400 m above sea level

Unobtrusive and stylish, this series is perfect for a range of homes and available spaces.