Solahart Industries was honoured with a Gold Award for achieving significant water savings at its manufacturing plant in Welshpool, Western Australia.

Water Minister Terry Redman recently recognised businesses across WA for their efforts to save more than 7.9 billion litres of water in 2011-2012, enough to fill more than 3,500 Olympic-sized swimming pools. All the businesses are part of the Water Corporation’s Water Efficiency Management Plan (WEMP).

The awards are categorised on the basis of water efficiency achieved: Platinum Award is given to companies achieving more than 50% improvement in water efficiency; Gold 35 to 49%; Silver 25 to 34%; and Bronze 10 to 24%.

Solahart's manufacturing plant at Welshpool, WA was awarded the Gold recognition for reducing water consumption by 44%. The water saving was achieved by recycling water within the R&D QA testing programs and reclaiming waste water from the treatment plant.

The WA Water Minister commended all the businesses for not only saving huge amounts of water, but also demonstrating their commitment to the environment and the sustainable use of environmental resources.