Solahart Industries manufactures a selection of solar hot water systems, including the L Series. Each Series of solar hot water system uses different technology to ensure an optimum solar solution for any application.

L Series solar hot water systems are roof mounted and utilise an open circuit solar water heater. Open circuit solar water heaters are specifically designed to provide economical service in medium to high solar gain areas.

In an open circuit solar hot water system the fluid in the collector panel is water, whereas a closed circuit system uses a special antifreeze fluid called Hartgard.

An open circuit system operates by circulating the liquid, once it has been heated, in a jacked around the double coated ceramic lined tank so that the heat is transferred to the water inside. Closed circuit systems are recommended for frost prone areas or in areas with poor water quality. 

The L and L Free Heat systems can be installed as a solar preheater with an inline Solahart gas booster water heater if installed with a TRV over temperature protection system.

L Series solar hot water systems have a stylish and slimline design and can help to save up to 55% to 85% of water heating energy consumption. They are simple to maintain and are reliable and will ensure provision of hot water regardless of the weather conditions.

The Free Heat series hot water systems are available in 180litre and 300litre capacities and feature enhanced protection for maximum operational life.

Additional information on the range of solar hot water systems is available from Solahart Industries.