With the rising costs of living and increase water and power bills, potential home buyers are looking for ways to get 'more bang for their buck'. 

According to online property website Realestate.com.au, prospective buyers consider the following when searching for their first or next property:
  • location
  • price
  • amenities
  • interest rates, and
  • whether a home is new, renovated or unrenovated
This is where specifiers, designers and architects come in. Whether commissioned for a new or renovation project, there are various ways to boost a property's value.

Five ways to add value to any residential project:
  1. Spruce up the exterior facade with a touch of paint, tidying up the garden, replacing the mailbox or fixing that rusted fence
  2. Renovate rooms such as the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom
  3. Create additional living space by adding a sun room, entertainment areas such as a deck or patio, or converting the attic
  4. Timber floors add aesthetics, environmental sustainability, not to mention easy to maintain
  5. Add storage spaces to appeal to the organised
What some specifiers, designers and architects may not know is that prospective home buyers are also becoming more aware of what it means to be energy efficient. 

In fact, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Use of renewable energy in Australian homes 2006-07, Australians have been endeavouring to become more energy efficient in their homes for quite some time.

It is only now - through technological advancements, market competitiveness and continued use of our valuable energy sources - that energy efficiency is becoming more important.

Solahart Industries have been providing Australians with efficient and cost effective solar hot water systems since 1953.

Solahart's products can add value to a home by:
  • reducing carbon footprint
  • reducing energy consumption
  • reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change
  • being eligible for Federal and State government incentives or rebates
According to Solahart, their solar hot water heaters uses the sun’s natural energy, therefore saving up to 50-90%* of water heating energy consumption and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 2-3.6 tonnes every year.

Solahart's solar water heating systems will save home buyers energy, money and allow them to do their bit for the environment.