Soho Galleries Sydney  exhibits all types of commercial art works carried out through photography, paintings, sculpture and work on paper. The sculpture works are carried out using aluminium, bronze, marble, stone, wood, ceramic, autoclaved aerated, landmark, wood and corporate sculpture.

Sculpture works using aluminium include AC wall relief series and STKR Hector Alvarado-Inner Treasure. The AC wall relief series of artwork was done by Antonio Colangelo, where the artist has depicted the description of an aluminium bas wall relief. Wide ranges of bronze sculptures made by various artists are exhibited in Soho Galleries Sydney.

Corporate sculptures of various types are also exhibited. AH Innovative wall relief series under corporate sculpture is made by Ann Harry. The description of this sculpture includes timber wall relief. Glass sculptures made by various artists are also exhibited and some of the glass sculptures include US green eye flying fish, Amber bird, JG stargazer, great leap forward and so on.

Photography exhibited by Soho Galleries Sydney includes black and white photography, digitally enhanced, corporate art and limited edition print photography. CP Passionflower, CP Botanical, CP Coccinea and CP Pink poppy are some of the black and white photos displayed.