Snaptec Australia has expanded its range of external AC/DC power supplies with the introduction of the GT50 series.

The GT50 series is a family of 50W desktop external power supplies. These power supplies are housed in an impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure that provides good thermal conduction cooling.

Sized at 119 X 60 X 32 mm, the GT50 series offers many unique features:

• Regulated output with low ripple up to 50W output power.

• Built in protection features: overcurrent, short circuit, overvoltage and thermal protection

• Accepts universal Input: 100-250VAC

• Meets safety agency requirements: Innova/GS to EN60335-1 (1st Edition)

• Complies with EMI/RFI regulations, EMC Directives

• Input connector may be IEC60320/C8 or C14 or fixed CEE7/17 2 or 3 pole plug.

• Available in output voltages ranging from 3.3VDC to 48VDC in 0.1V

• Various output connector options

• Australian Energy Authority approved.

When it comes to that special AC/DC External power supply that requires a unique output voltage and a unique output connector, the GT50 offers a good solution with small production runs as small as 50pcs being possible.